Everyone has the opportunity to check out my Portfolio page and I strongly encourage new customers to do just that. I don’t hide any of my work because I like to show the evolution of my skills. I like to show the kind of web design work I created when I first got into the business, combined with work in past weeks. It not only shows my growth but it shows what you can expect from Thayer2design. But while a picture can say a 1,000 words by itself, sometimes its important to give that picture a little nudge with some words of your own. Over the next couple of weeks and hopefully months and years I will be breaking down a particular website that was created for a client and how we got from the initial stages to the completed web design.

This week we will be talking about a site called Ben’s Player Piano Services. Ben is located in Syracuse, NY and is one of the most knowledge people I know when it comes to piano restoration and services. He does amazing work and is highly recommend.  His previous website was lacking though and that’s where Thayer2Design stepped in.

Web Design in Syracuse NY – Ben’s Player Piano Service


I love meeting new clients, its always great to sit with someone face to face and learn about their desires in online marketing. Often times that’s not always possible though. Life gets in the way, gas prices continue to increase, or we are just too far away for a face to face meeting to be realistic. Luckily that’s not a problem though and Ben is a great example. Between talking on the phone and exchanging emails back and forth we were able to complete his site in no time and without hassle.

In order to do that I first had to look at Ben’s old site. It was designed with old software that was once upon a time made his site look great. But technology is constantly changing and that includes the web.  So the two main things that we focused on was 1.) Creating a new and appealing site for his customers. 2.) Drawing in new customers with SEO focused in Syracuse and the surrounding areas.

Kevin Thayer is a pleasure to work with especially from a communication standpoint. His work is professional and he does what he promises to do in a timely and efficient manner. He offers many helpful suggestions along the way as he develops a website for you which is great as most of us are not that familiar with what is required to get a site up and running efficiently.

– Ben Gottfried

Together we worked together to do just that. I took bits and pieces of his old site and transformed it into a fresher looking version. His new site had more functionality including vertical navigation for easy switching between pages. Youtube videos were now on the website itself instead of having to click the Youtube channel and finally we made the site responsive. That meant that Ben’s site looked great no matter what device his customers were using. Finally we added some Search Engine Optimization and let the site grow.  Ben also saved money by switching his web hosting plan over to me. Godaddy was charging him close to $200 for his sites and he was able to chop that in half.

For those who would like to see Ben’s new site they can do so by Clicking Here. And if you need a website of your own be sure to give us a call or send us an email. Because no matter what you need or where you are located, we’ve got you covered.

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