Website Project: Elevation Contemporary Dance

Elevation Contemporary Dance reached out to Thayer2Design because they needed to have their website redesigned. Elevation is a growing dance studio in Fayetteville NY and to reflect their growing company, they needed their website to do all of the things they currently couldn’t. For starters their old website was designed with Wix. This is a common and unfortunate situation I find many people in. Wix promises to be an easy website builder that anyone can do. Sadly this isn’t the case and most Wix websites don’t look great when finished.

That is why we choose a completely custom look for the new website. One of the things I enjoy most is the home page which features a small video playing as soon as you enter the site. It gives you a great idea of what the company is all about. The website also features contact forms and payment options which makes it easy for parents to sign up their children.

To View Their Website: Click Here