Every year Thayer2Design is looking to become better than it was the year before. Each year we want to grow as a company, just as I want to grow personally as a business owner, web designer, and overall person. Today’s blog isn’t meant to be very long but instead has the purpose of updating everyone with what has been going on with Thayer2Design and to provide some good and bad news.

The bad news, as you might be aware is that I haven’t been able to update my blog as much as I wished. The goal was to update this section at least twice a month, if not more. I still have a lot of interesting articles that I plan on adding and some great topics to discuss in the coming months. Unfortunately I just haven’t been able to ad them as soon as I would of liked.

Luckily the good news is the reason for the bad news. I’ve been fortunate and blessed to take on a lot of fun projects this year and design some great websites with individuals and businesses from the area. In fact Thayer2Design has built websites for companies not even located in New York. We’ve worked with a wrestling company from California and have another website coming soon from Arizona.

Which also brings me to the announcement that my portfolio page has been updated. Now that doesn’t mean that I’m finished adding sites to this page. In fact I have a few more websites that need to be added. What it does mean though is if you haven’t seen my portfolio page in the past couple of months, or if you’re a customer looking to see the kind of work that I can do, than you will have plenty of new and interesting sites to check out!

For quick access to my portfolio you can Click Here.