Before the end of the year I mentioned that I was going to be doing a lot more with my blog. One of those things was my journey to increase my overall web presence online and more importantly rank higher in Google. When I first started taking my Google ranking seriously last year I was on the 6th or 7th page for a lot of categories.

I used to manually check my rankings for keywords related to web design in Syracuse, NY by using words such as “web designer in syracuse ny” or “Syracuse web design”, ect.

As of today, I’m on the 2nd or 3rd page for “syracuse web design” on Google. I also rank on the 2nd page for most Computer Repair words such as “syracuse pc repair” or “computer repair in syracuse ny”.

These are pretty good rankings for a site that is only a couple years old. However its not good enough to me. Especially when I rank 1st on many keywords for web design and computer repair in the cities of Canastota, Onedia, and Rome NY.

I use a combination of Google Webmaster Tools or’s search engine tracking to find out where my rankings, along with some of my clients rankings. Their results are pretty accurate for my taste and Webmaster Tools is a completely free program to use. In the past couple of months I have seen my website rank higher and higher for “web design in syracuse ny”. Of course there are times where my website will move up and down the rankings one or two spots but the overall trend is what I’m focused on and the long term effect of my website on Google.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) really does work if done correctly. It doesn’t happen over night, especially in bigger areas such as Syracuse but it can happen. That is why I’m creating this blog series that will highlight how my site is doing and how I’m getting those results. It will also hold me accountable not only to my own success but to every business that wants to hire me.

They will be able to see that when I talk about SEO I’m not just blowing out hot air but instead I have a plan in place to help them, and its the very same plan I use myself.

How Did I Compete With Companies For Syracuse Web Design?

It started when I first moved to Canastota, NY to begin and take seriously my web design business. I updated my Facebook, Twitter and any social media accounts with new business information. I also submitted my business to Google and Yahoo Maps so that my location would be shown when customers did a business search.

Local Listing Websites

My next step was to check out all of my local listings. You would be surprised how many businesses simply ignore sites like MerchantCircle, Superpages, Yelp and more. These are free sites that allow you to list information about your business and post the link to your website. Not only do these sites help your overall ranking but its free publicity to get your site and business out there. The most important step when create your business profiles is to make sure everything is the same.

Commenting on Blogs/Articles

Getting your link out there as much as possible can be a great way to improve your website. One of the easiest ways to do that is by leaving comments on blogs that you normally would follow. For example I have a list of about 10-15 different web design and computer repair blogs and I often leave comments on articles I find interesting. By doing so I’m allowing people to visit my site and learn more about my business. The more people that click on my link, the more important Google thinks my business is.

Its important that your comments don’t come off like spam though because moderators of these blogs will likely remove your comments. Be legit and offer advice or helpful comments. Don’t simply promote your services and come off the wrong way.

On-Page Optimization

Perhaps the biggest quick fix for helping your website grow in Google rankings is to do some work on your website. In fact this might be the most important thing you do for your website. Keeping your website fresh with new information or blog posts is a good way of letting Google know that your business is active and that people want to see what you have to offer.

You’ll also want to try and stick in a few keywords so Google knows whats important to you. If your website is all about “syracuse web design” but Google doesn’t see you mention the words Web Design or Syracuse, how is it suppose to know that you want to rank high on those words?

Don’t try and overdo it though and accidentally make your website unappealing. Offer up important information about you and your site and make people want to read your site and blog. My thought has always been that if you want me to build you a website or do computer repair work for you than great. If not, hopefully you’ll keep me in mind for future projects or enjoy reading about what my business is up to.

Is that all you’ve got?

Not at all my friend! Over the next couple of months I plan on documenting what I’m doing to improve my Google search rankings for “web design in syracuse ny” along with other keywords for computer repair and web design. I’ll give you updates on where my site is ranking and how I plan on overcoming any obstacles that I run into along the way. It will be a fun journey and I can’t wait for you to be apart of it.