At the start of 2015 I set out a goal to become one of the top Syracuse NY Web Designers. I knew this would be a challenging goal and I might of been better off trying to lose weight. Regardless I knew it was something that would not only be beneficial to me in regards to my company, but also learning as much as I could about SEO and applying what I’ve learned to my clients who choose me to design their websites.

When I first started this goal I planned on focusing on keywords such as Syracuse Web Design or Website Design in Syracuse NY. I was ranked in the high 30’s for many of these keywords. For those who don’t know what that number means than let me explain. Typically you’ll get anywhere from 9-11 search results on a Google Page. That means that when someone typed in “Syracuse NY Web Design” I would likely show up somewhere on the third page or sometimes the forth page as a worse case scenario.

In addition to focusing on Syracuse I also had to make sure I maintained my already high rankings in areas such as Canastota, Oneida, and Rome NY Web Design. Typically you can find me on the very first page for most of these keywords.

Current Syracuse Web Design Ranking:

As of today my results have varied. I’m proud to say that in a few keywords I’m ranked in the upper twenties. A great example is the keyword “Syracuse NY Web Design” in which my Google Ranking is 27. That means that I will likely be found on the 2nd page of Google. Now this isnt where I want to be long term. My goal is to be on the first page and I know with hard work I’ll get there. But considering the majority of people next make it past the 2nd page, this was much better than the 3rd or 4th page. I still have few Syracuse keywords in that area but I understand that I have a lot of competition and will need to scratch and crawl my way to the top.

What Have I Learned:

One of the things that I believe makes me a good web designer is the fact that I’m always looking to improve and the best way to do that is by constantly learning. Sometimes I will pick up things right away. Other times I’ll have to make mistakes along the way and learn from them. Every day I find myself learning something new or taking away something interesting from my work here at Thayer2Design.

Below are a few things that I’ve learned or might of found interesting during these last couple of months.

Don’t Harass Google

The one thing you never want to do is try and trick Google. Eventually Google will find you and it will punish you for your actions. Often times Web Designers will spam Google with keyword rankings and website spoofs to try and increase rankings. Not only is this bad for your business long term but it can also hurt your website short term as well. But not all website designers are trying to beat the system, sometimes it can happen innocently. When I was focusing on Syracuse Web Design I threw a bunch of different things at Google in a short period of time. Google wasn’t used to this and because of that some of my keywords went backwards by two or three spots. Thats when I had to let things cool down a little bit and start back up on my SEO Efforts. Google is like that girl you really like. You want to get her attention but you don’t want to annoy her because the minute you do, she will leave you in the dust.

Syracuse NY Website Page

An effective tool to creating SEO Pages in multiple locations is to create a page focusing on a single area. For example I have multiple pages with similar content but each unique in their own way. I then add an area to the fix and push that site to Google. This allows Google to see that I work in multiple areas and allows my website to reach customers who are searching for specific locations. If I am battling hard for a spot in Syracuse Web Designer my home page might not always pop-up. But the hope is that my page titled “Syracuse Web Design” will show up because Google sees that it is rich with content about Syracuse and Web Design.

Computer Repair Syracuse NY

Web Design has always been key for me and it is the main focus of my business. At the same time though I’ve also worked on computers for clients as well. While pushing my website I’ve also tried to mix in some computer repair keywords as well. Virus Removal, Data Backup, Memory Upgrades are all things that I want my clients to know I can do and for new customers to find me in. That is why when you see a listing for Thayer2Design it will often be “Thayer2Design: Computer Repair and Web Design” which helps with SEO and overall awareness for potential customers.

Wrapping Things Up

With a little over three months into the game I’m glad to see that my keywords are moving in the right direction. The biggest thing that I had to remind myself was that Rome wasn’t built in a day. You don’t get to the first page of Google overnight, especially for keywords that are more competitive than others. After all I’m fighting with other Syracuse Web Designers who are equally skilled in SEO and are doing the same things I am. Only the best will remain at the top and I plan to do just that.